Know Your 4×4: Vehicle Types

Vehicle Types

Know Your 4×4: Vehicle Types

Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV)

Single, extended and double cabs fit into this category. These vehicles have evolved various levels of specification and comfort, typically low, medium and high spec. They are somewhat utilitarian in design and function with the Single and extended cabs aimed at commercial use. More recent entrants into the double cab market have similar specification levels to the more expensive SUVs – traction control, navigation, high-end sound systems etc. Generally they feature a passenger car like ride due to the utilisation of Independent Front Suspension with torsion bars, coupled to a live rear axle for load bearing capability.

Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV)

Station wagon type vehicles consisting of small, medium and large, including soft road SUVs (without low range gearing).

Small SUV (SSUV)

Limited choice, small wagon type vehicles offering various suspension types. Few have low-range.

Medium SUV (MSUV)

Generally with an independent front suspension coupled to a live rear axle, there are vehicles with live axles front and rear as well as all-round independent suspension. Many soft roaders fit in this category.

Large SUV (LSUV)

Very competent off-road with a high level of specification, generally with live axles and coil/shock combinations. When taken off-road well accessorised with winches, racks and roof-top tents.

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