Tyre Tips

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tyre tips

Tyre Tips


  • Take a tyre repair kit with you on your adventure.
  • A compressor or pump is an essential part of your equipment.
  • Always have a tyre pressure gauge. Incorrect pressure will damage your tyres.
  • Fit metal valve caps with O-Ring seals to prevent sand reaching the valve which could cause a slow leak.


  • Inflate your tyres to the pressure recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.
  • Check tyre pressures regularly.
  • Inspect your tyres, check the wheel balance and alignment before and after a trip.
  • Rotate tyres as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer’s service schedule.

Deflation and Pressure:

  • Deflation improves flotation when driving on sand, as it results in a larger tyre footprint and improves vehicle traction.
  • Remember that deflating your tyres will reduce your vehicle’s ground clearance.
  • An overly deflated tyre may de-bead and come off the rim with potentially disastrous consequences.
  • Avoid wheel spin with deflated tyres.
  • Hot tyres will reflect inaccurate pressure readings.
  • On rocky terrain, slight deflation allows the tyres to absorb shock and mould around rock surfaces giving better grip.
  • A deflated tyre’s softer sidewall is less prone to sidewall penetration.
  • Re-inflate your tyres as soon as the terrain allows.

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