Managing side slopes in a 4×4

By 1st Dec 2018 Jan 28th, 2019 4x4 Knowledge, Terrain Crossing
driving over side slopes

Managing side slopes in a 4×4

When off-road, you may be forced to traverse terrain diagonally.

  • Ensure sure your load and loose items are secure.
  • Get out and evaluate the slope to establish your ‘line’.
  • Check for slippery conditions.
  • Evaluate whether there are obstacles such as ruts or rocks that will affect your passage.
  • Driving into a hole or rut could increase the risk of a roll-over.
  • Maintain a steady, controlled speed.
  • If your vehicle slides or feels as if it is going to roll, turn down the slope, into the direction of the slide accelerating slightly. This will minimise the risk of a roll-over.

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