Road Tripping

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road tripping

We live in one of the best road trip destinations in the world and it is not hard to see why. When you look at the vast array of options available it’s difficult to choose. Personally, we have a preference for the dry Karoo and the Northern Cape, but also love exploring Mpumulanga and the small towns of the Western Cape as well as the Orange Free State.

road tripping

Road tripping allows you to explore small towns and discover the many hidden gems they have to offer.

So, hit the road, crank up the volume (a road trip playlist is vital for those long straight roads) and see what the locals have to offer as you explore new terrain.

road tripping

  • One of you should compile an amazing playlist for the journey, bear in mind that not all tastes are the same.
  • Pack your bags, cameras and other gear.
  • A cooler-box with snacks and ‘padkos’ is essential.
  • Pack some chairs and a table to savour the sunsets and also for those photo opportunities where you may just have to wait.
  • All occupants should carry their drivers’ licenses.
  • Local is lekker – chat with local inhabitants to find out the hidden secrets in the area. You will be amazed at how friendly South Africans are — especially as you move into the countryside.
  • When traveling with friends, choose the vehicle that is most suited to the trip – comfort, space, economy, as well as off-road ability, should be borne in mind.
  • Get lost if you have to, you never know what hidden gems you will find.
  • Be mindful of the distance to the next fuel station and your fuel range — you don’t want to run out of fuel in an unfamiliar area as you may be in for a lot of inconvenience.
  • Do some pre-trip planning to ascertain the ‘must-see and must-do” places.
  • Take plugs and chargers for all your different devices. Although we would prefer to be without them, in today’s day and age, communication is essential. Look at Solar options if going ‘off the grid”.

Good company makes the trip so much shorter and more enjoyable, as well as the great playlist. Although time limited us, we recently shot down to Kenhardt in the Northern Cape to photograph the ‘blood moon’ — the longest lunar eclipse of this century. Our destination was Kenhardt in the Northern Cape.

road tripping

Locations worth visiting are Verneuk Pan and the Quiver Tree Forest. Fun rating 10/10. Photographic opportunities were aplenty — we will share them in the next article,  en route and on location. Two days and over 2 000 km, a short period over a long distance — but then that is the essence of a  road trip.

road tripping

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