Pre and post 4×4 trip inspections

By 15th Jan 2018 Sep 21st, 2018 4x4 Knowledge
Pre and post 4x4 trip inspections

Pre and post 4×4 trip inspections

  • Maintain the manufacturers servicing schedule!
  • Use specified lubricants.
  • Use the correct fuel and ascertain availability before departing.
  • Inspect key components regularly.
  • Maintain correct tyre pressure, do not forget to re-inflate tyres once back on tar or gravel.
  • Check the condition of your tyres and take a repair kit.
  • Know the vehicle’s coolant, fuel and lubricant capacities.
  • Do not exceed the vehicles rated capacities.
  • Follow the walk of life principles!

Check The Following Items

  • Radiator core is not blocked with grass or mud as it affects cooling.
  • Grass caught up around the prop shaft, exhaust and catalytic converter could cause a fire when you stop.

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