The Adventure Included eBooks

Below is the list of free eBooks available to our you. Go ahead and download as many as you like. We’d love to hear if you have anything we should add to them. We’ll also be adding some extra exclusive content here from time to time, so check back in on the website regularly.

Eco Aware - eBook cover

Going off-road is a wonderful way to explore our natural heritage and get to inaccessible terrain but the vehicles have the capacity to severely damage sensitive eco-systems. This eBook is a guide to the rights and responsibilities that 4×4 users have when off-roading.

Planning Your Trip - eBook cover

What to take, when to go, what to see… Before you leave, there are numerous things to think about, our experienced travelers have thought of everything you need to remember to plan your adventure.

Know Your 4x4 - eBook cover

Off-road vehicles have become high-tech and much of the 4×4 jargon can be quite difficult to understand. This eBook simplifies the most common terms you’ll come across. Get to know your 4×4 and its systems.

Southern African Biomes - eBook cover

Southern Africa has a rich biodiversity. Learn about the fauna, flora and climate of each biome. Use this eBook to plan your next trip so you don’t miss a thing.

Going Off-Road - eBook cover

This guide has some valuable tips for crossing the various types of terrain that you may encounter when going off-road- you should still ensure that you attend a training course before taking on the rough stuff.

Getting Unstuck - eBook cover

As any experienced 4×4 explorer knows, getting stuck can ruin your trip. This eBook covers the equipment needed and the correct techniques for safe recovery, to get your adventure back on track.

coming soon

We’ve got more eBooks in the works and will let you know when they’re ready.