Driving over rocks beds in a 4×4

By 20th Nov 2018 Jan 28th, 2019 4x4 Knowledge, Terrain Crossing, Travel, Tyres
driving over rock beds

Driving over rock beds in a 4×4

Rock beds are common on mountain routes, dry riverbeds and river crossings. It is important that you know your vehicles clearances and the position of vulnerable components under your vehicle.

  • Begin the crossing with your tyres at ‘road’ pressure.
  • Deflate your tyres slightly, if necessary. This will improve traction, but you will lose some ground clearance.
  • While driving, use the rocks to improve ground clearance.
  • Proceed slowly in 1st gear low-range.
  • Don’t straddle large rocks. This could result in the vehicle being ‘hung up’ with it’s wheels in the air and stuck.
  • Tyre side-walls are easily cut by sharp rocks. A slightly deflated tyre is more puncture resistant.

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