How to drive in a 4×4 convoy

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How to drive in a 4x4 convoy

How to drive in a 4×4 convoy

Vehicles following one another are known as a convoy. From a safety and security perspective it is wise to travel in a group. We suggest that you follow these guidelines:

  • Brief the group before departing set communication and safety protocols.
  • Allow enough space between vehicles so that other road users are able to pass through the convoy.
  • Take regular comfort breaks.
  • Convoy driving takes longer than driving alone, so additional time should be allowed for.
  • Maintain your position in the convoy – do not overtake.
  • Vehicles with essential equipment should be placed at equal intervals (29MHz radios, Satellite phones, recovery kits, first aid kits and fire extinguishers).
  • Avoid travel after sunset and before sunrise.
  • All vehicles should drive with their lights, especially if conditions are dusty.
  • The last vehicle should be driven by an experienced off-roader. They should ensure that all convoy members complete the route.
  • Avoid obstacles that some vehicles may not be able to traverse.
  • Indicate your intentions to turn, stop etc. clearly to assist the vehicle driving behind you.
  • Only enter obstacles once the preceding vehicle has cleared the obstacle.
  • Ensure that the vehicle behind you is following you and not in any difficulty.
  • Keep a safe following distance from the vehicle in front of you, as it may need to stop or back up.
  • If you experience a problem:
    • Flash your headlights and use your radio to inform the convoy.
    • Stop your vehicle in a safe place. Allow sufficient space for following vehicles to also pull over safely.

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