Crossing mud and soft turf in a 4×4

By 20th Dec 2018 Jan 28th, 2019 Terrain Crossing
crossing mud and soft turf

Crossing mud and soft turf in a 4×4

Crossing mud and soft turf should be avoided unless you have no alternative route.

  • You should be in low range 4-WD with differential/s locked.
  • Select an appropriate gear. Take care if you use 1st gear low range as it could cause wheel-spin which may bog you down.
  • Control wheel-spin by decelerating.
  • Choose the line of least resistance. Try use an existing track as it may be more compact.
  • Maintain a steady forward momentum. Be aware of the position of your front wheels so that you don’t ‘push’ against the mud.
  • If you feel a loss of traction, your tyre’s tread may be clogged with mud. Move the steering wheel left-to-right to try and clear the tread. If you are driving in a track, drive so that the tyre’s side-wall is up against the wall
    of the track. This will give you additional traction.
  • Be careful of hidden obstacles that may be buried in the mud.
  • Avoid building up a ‘wall’ of mud in front of the valance as you could get stuck. More forward momentum may prevent this happening.
  • Attach recovery equipment to the front or the rear of your vehicle before tackling the mud. This will make your recovery easier and quicker.
  • Check that your radiator is clear. Mud clogs the cores which will affect it’s cooling ability.
  • Check wheel rims inside and out as dry mud will affect wheel balance when you get back on tar roads.

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